How to Travel Light!

You’re taking a weeks trip via plane. You don’t want to pay a checked bag fee. You would rather spend your time relaxing and exploring than waiting at the baggage carousel. In this follow-up piece to Travel Light, we’ll explore some options and tips to get you ditching that checked bag forever!


  1. Book a hotel room with a washer and dryer. These efficiency- type rooms also offer a kitchen. It’s a great way to save money on meals and it’s easy to wash your clothes while you relax in your room. You also save money on a laundry service and don’t waste precious time waiting in a laundromat.
    Tip: These hotels are easier to find overseas. A quick Google search of U.S. hotels with in-room washers if the option is available in your area.
  2.  Go monochromatic with your wardrobe. I select two colors and build my outfits around them. I travel for pleasure, so two bottoms and three tops leave me plenty of room for undergarments, pajamas, a pair of flat shoes, and toiletries. Of course, you also want to layer your clothes for your flight. A tee shirt layered with a sweater and coat with save valuable packing space.                                                                                                                       Tip: J.Jill makes a great collection of lightweight/non-wrinkle clothes in their Wearever Collection.
  3. Throw as you go! Have a pair of socks with a small hole, a top that is starting to pile, sneakers that are worn out? As I find these items in my wardrobe, I put them a special basket in my closet. When it’s time to pack, I include these items in my suitcase and dispose of them on my trip. This method will give you more room in your luggage to bring back souvenirs.
  4. Packing cubes will organize and save space. I love packing cubes. They compress your clothes and keep your suitcase neat. I like ebags pack cubes. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors.
  5. Roll your clothes. If you don’t have packing cubes, just roll with it. Roll them tightly to keep them from drinking. You can also use tissue paper or dry cleaning bags to reduce wrinkles.


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