My Travel Obsession

 As a child, I was obsessed with Australia. To me, it was wild and exotic with animals that couldn’t be found anywhere else on the earth. I decided one day I would visit the island continent that held so much mystic in my mind.


    At the age of twenty, I got that opportunity. With my new passport in hand, I boarded my first ever flight in Philadelphia to make the twenty-hour trek to the Land Down Under. I had tears in my eyes as I walked toward my seat; part nervousness from never traveling alone mixed with excitement for the adventure I was about to take.

    Thirty years on, I have gone back to Australia on several occasions. Not because I have a family to visit, but because I love the country and its unique place in the world. As a published author with a passion for travel, starting a blog seemed like a natural extension of being an author. (Heck, back in 1988 blogs didn’t even exist and the internet was in its infancy)

    I learned so many tricks and tips over the years to allow me to keep traveling on a tight budget, I wanted to share them with you! Fasten your seatbelt, we’re ready for takeoff.

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